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Company news about Multi-layer composite packaging bags can be biodegraded!

Multi-layer composite packaging bags can be biodegraded!


Latest company news about Multi-layer composite packaging bags can be biodegraded!

With the gradual implementation of carbon emission reduction and plastic restriction actions, green materials have become an inevitable trend in packaging. At present, the mainstream development direction of environmental protection packaging includes:

  1. Single-material that can be recycled and reused.
  2. Fully biodegradable material packaging.
  3. Pure natural material packaging.
  1. Single-material that can be recycled and reused type.

In order to adapt to different product packaging, traditional soft packaging uses a large number of composite bags/films with a combination of 2-7 layers, and the mixing of various functional layer materials makes it difficult to recycle after being discarded.

Multi-layer composite bags/films have become the biggest source of pollution today. Every year, tens of millions of difficult-to-recycle packaging bags are filled into landfills or placed in the natural environment. At the same time, plastic packaging causes humans to consume non-degradable particles every day which are harmful to health.

Therefore, the current market focuses on reducing the amount of packaging materials that can be recycled and reused with a single material, such as a single material of PE, or PP, or PET.

Single-material packaging is more suitable for environmental protection trends, and it is easy to recycle and reuse. But the difficulty lies in the heat resistance and barrier properties, the flatness of the bag during production and heat sealing, whether it can be adapted to high-speed packaging machines, whether water and oxygen resistance can meet the packaging requirements of customers, as well as high temperature sterilization, low temperature freezing, acid and alkali resistance, etc. There are still many technical bottlenecks to be broken through, such as the technical limitations of high-function products.

2.Fully biodegradable material packaging.

For fully biodegradable packaging materials, most people’s impressions are still on the packaging of disposable products such as supermarket/grocery shopping bags, hotel supplies, fast-moving consumer goods, express packaging, and fast-food takeaway packaging.

In fact, a single biodegradable material has problems such as water resistance, high temperature resistance, tensile resistance, poor printing condition and low heat-sealing performance, and difficulty in producing. These difficulties hinder its use in the high-end packaging field.

Therefore, the biodegradable composite film has become a new direction of exploration, but compared to a single PE, PP or PET material, the threshold for degradable composite films is much higher. SUNSION Packing is just in this field making revolutionary progresses.

3.SUNSION- Developer of Multi-layer composite fully degradable packaging material

The fully biodegradable packaging material with multi-layer composite structure launched by SUNSION meets many different packaging requirements and application scenarios. It not only meets the requirements of the national environmental protection policy, but also adapts to the mass production process. It can also be printed without changing too much the production equipment.

Main advantages:

  • Biodegradable

Material meets DIN EN13432 industrial compostable requirement.

  • Multi-layer Composite Structure:

Water resistance, high temperature resistance, tensile resistance, hot sealing applicable, transparent

  • Printable

Improve product shelf presenting effect;

  • Advanced procedure & facility

The material structure is mainly based on PLA, PBAT, PBS, PCL, PPC, plant fiber modified materials and other environmentally friendly plastics that are widely used in the market. The fully biodegradable packaging that meets the packaging performance requirements is realized through technical methods such as material modification and complementary performance. After printed, the package can improve the shelf effect and added value to the goods.

Product applications include: fully biodegradable take away food box sealing film, daily necessities packaging bags, food packaging composite bags, vacuum refrigerated composite fresh-keeping bags, industrial product packaging bags and electronic industrial materials.


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